Tips For Staging


Top 10 Tips for increasing your investment through Staging your home from Tickadeeboo Insideout Design LTD

Green Light

1.   Home staging is extremely sought after in real estate and is proven to sell homes for more money in less time. This can be achieved by working with your own furnishings by either adding to the collection or removing items and dressing the property. 

Fix it - Clean it

2.   Clean and fix everything that stands out to a potential buyer. Now that the home is impeccably clean, appliances are sparkling, shelves are dust free, windows are crystal clear all you need now is the right furniture and furnishings.


3.   This may include planting, weeding, painting, lighting, water-blasting and anything else to make the home more appealing to the potential buyer. Make sure lawns are freshly cut and any fences, gates, pots etc. are all fixed, painted or removed.  Having on display some outdoor furniture, pots/plants, and the entrance to the property is always important.  It is well worth the investment!

Paint - Wallpaper

4.   Some of the rooms might need to be refreshed with a coat of paint. Most paint companies have a special on so it's good to shop around. If your tradesperson is going to do the job for you, make sure you still get the discount. With the exciting range of wallpapers out there you could create a feature wall either as a splash back in the kitchen or a wall in the living area or master bedroom which will enhance these areas depending on the property.

Bare Bones 

5.    When working with a bare home; empty floors, walls, ceilings and windows convey a vacant emotion and a cold feeling. The design institute said that homes are without personality. Most people can’t approximate the size of a room without furniture since vacant rooms look smaller than they actually are. Bedrooms are especially prone to criticism if they’re without furniture. People have difficulty visualizing themselves living in the empty space. Staging, even with a few pieces of strategically placed furniture and some potted plants by our design team, brings life to a home. 

Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings

6.   A fresh look is easily achievable without spending too much money. Changing bench tops, fixing up the cupboards, replacing the handles, changing light fixtures, replacing faucets, either purchasing new cabinets or getting them colour changed can all have an impact on the final look for a very little cost but more in your pocket. 


7.   Clutter makes a home look smaller than it really is and gives the impression of a house that is not well maintained as well as hiding potential features of your home. Go through each room and decide what to throw out, sell, donate or store away. De-personalise your home by removing Items such as religious or political symbols, diplomas, abundant collections, knick-knacks and photos of the whole family to avoid distractions and busyness of your home. If it is a property in the country hide the muddy gumboots, if it is in a suburb near the beach put away the wetsuit and get rid of that sand. You don’t know who the potential buyers are so you need the home to appeal to as broad a field as possible.

Bright and Light 

8.   The home should look bright so open all blinds and curtains (i.e. right to the end of the curtain track) and make sure each room is as bright as possible.  Add light fixtures such as floor or table lamps.  Open windows to air the home and eliminate any stuffiness and personal smells. A little tip - Invest in some fragrant oil and sticks; avoid supermarket battery operated smelling devices

Room Ideas

9.   An empty entrance rings hollow. An entry rug immediately adds warmth. An umbrella stand or hat rack says this is an active part of the home. You’re creating an illusion, but one that puts buyers in the frame of mind that sells a house. If the room is small for example a single sized bedroom put a king-single in it rather than squeezing in a double or queen-sized bed to create the appearance of size and floor space.

Final Art

10.    Once the house is dressed and all vases are filled with fresh flowers, herbs are in a container and fresh fruit is in a bowl, the photos need to be professionally taken for the internet, signs, flyers, listing brochures and any other advertising. First impressions count; from the letter-box to the back yard.

The overall key to home staging is your investment to make your biggest asset sell for as much money as possible in the market place